Thursday, November 5, 2009


It's been a while since my last post, and it comes to us from Martin Stamper of Fast Heart Mart.  I had originally lost this interview and just recently found it in one of my folders. 

Was music a part of your decision to leave?

I really did not leave. I had to go on a vision quest and I will return. I love the Albuquerque scene. It's like ancient Egypt isolated for 3000 years without outside influence.... sort of?

 What do you miss most about Albuquerque?

It's cheap and Sunny.

Do you Visit? if so how often?

I have not been back in 2 months. 

Virginia is a long drive from Albuquerque, how long did it take? and what did you listen to on your way there? 

It took me 5 days and 70 gallons of veggie oil. I listened to the wind and Elvis when I went to Graceland.

where are your favorite places to play in your new city?

Farmer's markets. I'm learning banjo.

Do you have any songs about Albuquerque/NM?

Yes. Lots. "Cheap and Sunny",  "What to do in AL-bu-quer-que", 
"The White Man Stole This Land", "New Mexico", and probably others I'm not thinking of at the moment. 

 What was you last show like in Albuquerque?


Name a band you miss from Albuquerque?

The Handsome Family, The Old Main, Of God and Science, A Man About A Horse, Selsun Blue, Choke Cherry Ranch, Rob Nakai's various projects, Young Edward, way too many to mention and I hate forgetting to mention my favorites, but I always do. 

Name a band you are now turned on to in your new city?

None in the city. "The Virginia Ramblers" and "Hackensaw Bays" are in Virginia.

Ever plan on Returning?


Fast Heart Mart will be playing a show in Albuquerque (his first here in 6 months) on Saturday Night December 19th at 11 PM at The Guild Cinema 3405 Central NE before the midnight movie World Premiere of his New Zealand Tour Rockumentary titled "Put Me On An Island"! There will be a matinee showing of the film the next day, Sunday December 20th at noon. The admission for Saturday night is $7 and Sunday is $5. Both are all ages events.