Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I sent Mark a Myspace message last night with questions about him and his music. Mark can be found in local bands The Hollow Lines, The Booty Green, Mark E Moon and  front man for Mei Long (before they broke up),

Here you are folks, short and sweet, mark e moon gives us the jist

what are you currently listening to?

Listening to Harmonia and Tangerins Dream's "Phaedra" at the same time. Links up perfectly!

If you could add one instrument to your band what would it be?

Little Phatty moog which is $1000 and way outta my range...

Your in multiple bands.  Is it hard to schedule practice?

Nope. I edit film and become dad at will...

how did you come up with the name hollow lines? mei long? and booty green? Mark E moon?

The Hollow Lines is a conversation/drug reference. Mei Long is the first dinosaur bone. The Booty Green is Sly Stones lime green cadillac.  Mark E Moon is a Television LP.

Name a couple of disbanded Albuquerque bands you would like to see reunite. 

Jealous Gods, Smoke Rings, Mei Long

Is stage fright a problem?

Yes. I like bourbon.

Name a dead musician you would like to see live.

John Lennon and Sky Saxon

what kind of movie do you see your music being the soundtrack to?

Vanishing Point

When's the record coming out?

Hopefully soon! SEAN WHERE ARE YOU?

Downtown usually gives the bands free drink tickets,  what do you order?

Makers Mark.

any weird show rituals?

We kiss a cross before every show...God sail with us and all who sail with us!!!! sailors rule.

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