Wednesday, September 23, 2009


laugh, cry, lazy, try, happy, sad, angry, glad.   

These are the topics of todays post, which come to us from David Jordan of Yeti Hands.  This new segment focuses on a list of songs that we associate with these certain emotions. Here is Dave's list of songs that have that affect on him.   


cap'n jazz - "take on me" - tim kinsella tries so hard to hit those high notes, tries so very very hard. it rules.


penfold - "i will take you everywhere" - this song always hits hard at the low times in my life. it gives me that dropped feeling in my stomach even when i'm feeling good.


anything by pavement. 


glassjaw - "tip your bartender"/"mu empire" - these two songs are a killer psych up combo, great opening tracks. it makes me ride my bike really fast.


the weakerthans - "aside" - this is one of my favorite songs of all time. it's a song about being flawed, run over, and slightly broken. but being proud of your battle scars. 


I can't decide, so i'll name two. the beatles - "eleanor rigby"/mono - "yearning" - eleanor rigby is one of the saddest songs of all time. paul mccartney gets a bad rap, well, for basically not being john lennon. but lennon never wrote a song as affective as this. and mono, UGH, i think being japanese gives this band some post rock superpowers. i defy anyone to see this band play this song live and not be blown away. 


 i can't think of anything in particular. but you know when a band is totally awesome, and you love them to death? and then they put out an album that just sucks and you can't get into? yeah, that makes me angry. 


my chemical romance - the black parade lp. yes, that's right. my chemical romance. why does this album make me glad? well, because of it's association with eyeliner, i avoided it for many many years, but lo and behold, it's actually a really good album. so i'm glad i finally decided to check it out.

You can catch Yeti hands live at The Launchpad on October 16th with the Oktober peopleBellini, and Grave of nobody's darling 

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