Monday, September 7, 2009


In case you didn't know I'm in a band called Bellemah .  Since The interviews are running a bit short I decided to interview a (Non New Mexico) touring band  from Chicago IL  that will be playing with us on September 8th at the launchpad.  I got in contact with Erick of Yourself and the air and asked him a few question about his band and touring, here's what he had to say.  
are you touring with any one?

 no, were touring with ourselves this time.

Will this be your fist time to Albuquerque?

We've been to albuquerque before, about a year and a half ago, we played at the space and the atomic cantina...? do you know of those?

In your about section on your myspace it says you are five friends but there only four in the photo.  who is not pictured?

Well...we used to have a guitarist, still do..he's just not in the band at the moment, or not active at the moment. his place is still here and will always he'll always be in this with us in one way or another.

It's obvious your big bulls fans, ever meet Micheal or Scottie?  Or Luc Longley? (i'm asking because he played for new mexico in college) i don't think any of us met mom once served Scottie back in the day... I met Steve Kerr once, he was the small white dude whom made a couple of winning three pointers at the buzzer..

do you prefer: Bars shows, house parties, all ages shows, festivals or theaters?

I'm not sure which kind of show we prefer...we've played em all, and they can either go two ways...good, and not good.  I guess we just like playing shows where there is an overall good feeling in the air, and a great connection is made.

will you be calling home daily?

well...some of us call our GF's..thats it really, so i guess ya..?

what is your diet like on tour? 

Our diet is better on the road than at home.  We get to eat at some great kitchens and sample the local recipes..which is always sooo great.  and when we sleep at peeps house, they usually do a great job on cooking their we suprisingly eat very well..and we steal from gas stations a whole lot as well..sorry.

will you be having a merch person. if so can you tell me about him or her?

 We do have a merch person..but he's kind of an all around guy.  Hes one of our best friends that happened to tour with us last time, and took off to come with us again. He's doing his best at representing us and becoming our acting manager..its really funny how it all happened, and were loving it.

what reading material l will you be taking with you?

Umm...can't really say what i'll be bringing to read this time...usually just kinda comes up last minute style...all of us do have books though...My gf has a book about living the buddhist life, I may snag that one. of us was reading Jack Kerouac last time, and there was a book about controlling your mind in a non-concious state rolling around last time i duno

what artists/albums will be on the rotation on the road?

Too many albums, too many artists, pretty much everything you can ever think of, too often

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