Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This post is my first in-person interview, and was super stoked it was with Nate Santamaria of Excalico.  Nate performed live yesterday at the launchpad with Yourself and the air, Mark E Moon and Bellemah to which Nate played a awesome set.   After the show, and with plenty of Miller High Life in my tummy I approched Nate while he was loading his gear.  We had both had a little too much of the creature, and with my trusty I phone slured a few questions in his direction. 

So Nate,  I understand that you changed your band name to excalico. why is that?

Some asshole, whoever copyrights shit, took every spelling of calico possible.  I was at a show and this guy Bud Melvin who's in a bunch of great bands said "you should change your name to Excalico", and I said "that's a fucking great idea",  Because you know there are so many bands out there that are "ex this, we use to be this". So I decided I used to be Calico. Now I'm Excalico.  So fuck it.

Your the front man for The Oktober People,  why did you start Calico?

I started Calico because I've been prevalent in the fact that I love pop music, and for some reason pop music has a bad name.
 The Oktober people doesn't want to play straight up pop music, but that's not a bad thing that they don't want to play pop music, that's fine, but I do.  I also gained an affinity for loop sampling and building my own song live, which is the funnest thing in the whole world,  and sometimes I fuck up, you know? and shit happens.  So next question.

What kind of drinks do you prefer when your playing a show?

I prefer whiskey on the rocks, Jameson I guess, and Tecate is always cool. but who cares about drinks?   I care about drinks when I'm nervous, I have this bowel thing going on,  sometimes I get to a bar an I'm like "Man I have to take a big ol crap",  And it sucks because my bowels act up when I get to a show and think "OH man I have to crap in this bar?  God This Sucks".

How often do you practice in Excalico as opposed to The Oktober People?

About the same amount,  but if I'm practicing for Excalico It's usually for six or seven hours.  It's pretty tedious, I get there around noon or something and leave at seven, but if I smoke or drink I'll be there longer.

Do you prefer House shows, bars, all ages shows, or theaters?

I guess I prefer house parties the most because it's kids, it's devious, and everyone is breaking the law

What kind of crowd are you looking for?

Where everyone is breaking the law.

How did you come up with the name Calico?

I heard a song by a band that I really liked  and I thought they sang a certain lyric,  and I was like "Calico yeah, Come on Calico".  They weren't singing  that lyric.

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