Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This post come to us from Jeremy Barnes of a Hawk and a Hacksaw.  About to start a North American tour, I asked him some short questions and he gave me some short answers.  

Who is your favorite Albuquerque band?
a hawk and a hacksaw

What is your diet like on tour?
in europe, it's good, in the usa it's not 

Are you touring with anyone?
in the fall, damon and naomi will be opening for us. 

What inspires you to write a song?
many different things- boredom, hummingbirds, travelling, people, etc

How did you come up with your name?
don quixote

You incorparate a lot of musicans in your band. How did you meet all of
randomly searching for inspiring musicians

What brings you back to Albuquerque

You tour internationally, do you pick up some of the languages?
a bit of french, hungarian, romanian.  i can order a drink in quite a few languages now.  

What city is your Favorite to play?
possibly poznan, poland, but it is hard to say. 

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