Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This is my second in-person interview, and it comes from Noelan Ramirez.  The interview took less than two minutes, because I ran out of questions to ask, and the launchpad was closing .  Noelan is currently the drummer for bands The Lowlights, The Fire Season and Bellemah.  The Lowlights are about to put of a full length album avalible september 28th on Darla records 

What bands are you in now?

Bellemah, Lowlights. and the Fire Season.

The new lowlights album is about to come out.  are you excited?

I am very excited.  I think it been a year and a half of recording, another year and a half of mixing, re-mixing, doing over dubs, chewing my nails and waiting for it to come out. It's finally coming out September 28th

Damien (Lowlights front man) moved to Los Angeles, do you guys still work on music?

I just visited Damien a month ago and we hung out. We took a little road trip to San Fransisco where we worked on music, Banjos, saw, all kinds of different instruments, hopefully I'll be going back soon.  We talk about once every other day or at least once a week.

Lowlights working on new material?

We haven't really discussed it yet. He has invited me to go out there anytime I want to start working on new material,  hopefully playing some shows here too.  

You have three bands and run a business, When do you have time for yourself?

I own one business (Owl Greens Music) where I usually go from 11 to 5 everyday, then I either go to The Black Bird Buvette or to The Launchpad. So i don't know, somewhere in there I'm able to squeeze in some personal time, but really I don't have much time.  I Golf, on Mondays I usally go to the driving range from eight to ten.

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